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Brenden McCauley,
Assistant Conductor

Brenden McCauley is a 26-year-old musician whose life revolves around the enchanting world of music. From the tender age of 5, Brenden embarked on a musical journey, starting with piano lessons that sparked their love for this expressive art form.


At a young age, Brenden's interest in jazz led them to discover the trombone, and from that point on, they knew they wanted to explore the depths of low brass. Taking the plunge in 7th grade, they embraced the tuba, knowing that this commitment would lead to a lifelong passion.

For over 13 years, Brenden has embraced the tuba with unwavering dedication, playing it with heart and soul. Their musical journey led them to pursue not one but two bachelor's degrees, one in Tuba Performance and the other in Composition. Their thirst for knowledge and growth persisted, eventually culminating in a Master's degree in Orchestral Conducting, a fascination they had nurtured since their youth.

Throughout their musical career, Brenden has collaborated with numerous local orchestras, sharing their passion for Baroque and early music with enthusiastic audiences. As an aspiring conductor, they have embraced this role with fervor and finesse, leading orchestras with grace and precision.

Brenden's unwavering love for music continues to shape their path, and they eagerly anticipate the future that holds countless possibilities in the realm of music. With each note they play and every baton they wield, Brenden leaves an indelible mark on the world of music, driven by their unyielding passion and dedication to their craft.

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