Our History

Incorporated as a nonprofit tax exempt organization in 2005, the symphony changed its business model in 2010 to be self-sustaining and to focus on providing live symphonic performances to multiple communities instead of a single city. During the last decade, small rural communities in Utah have grown exponentially and recognize the importance of providing cultural experiences to residents in their cities. The Utah Philharmonic Orchestra (UPO) provides musicians, teachers, young people, and families live symphonic concerts and assists communities without a local orchestra who seek to make these live experiences available to their residents. Both cultural and educational components are provided by a well-developed symphony alleviating the burden of overhead costs required to maintain a local orchestra for these cities.

The crown jewel of the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra is the annual concerto competition which has been held for thirteen years. This is the only state-wide competition open to all ages and all instruments. The competition is held in February and the winners from each age category perform as soloists at the final season concert.

Through season concerts, patriotic and civic celebrations, cultural arts festivals, and side-by-side concerts, the orchestra gives performances in six to eight municipalities each season which provides accessible, affordable, and educational experiences locally to residents in their neighborhoods.

Our Mission

The mission of the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra is to ignite musical passion and increase access to the arts in our communities.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

We provide meaningful performances, present high-profile events, and introduce live symphonic music to new patrons while involving and connecting musicians of all ages. Through music, we strive to accelerate positive change in the communities we serve.

We perform a balance of traditional, pops, and new music, reach out to underserved populations which builds unity amid diversity, and promote arts education that supports other organizations. We seek to empower all generations of Utahns through musical involvement that promotes a transcendental experience and cultivates and instills imagination and wonder in the hearts and minds of individuals.

Though the staff and musicians of this organization are volunteers, contributions are needed to further the mission and operations of the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra.

Our Vision

IGNITE – The Utah Philharmonic Orchestra presents exhilarating, high-caliber musical performances that ignite musical passion in the hearts of our audiences and performers. Through music, we accelerate positive change in the communities we serve.

ACCESS – Music changes souls. Not all individuals have access, means, or even desire to experience high quality music; we bridge that gap through performances in unconventional, unexpected spaces as well as through fresh, innovative engagement and collaborations at our concerts.

COMMUNITY – We foster an environment in which we cultivate the love of playing with musical excellence. We serve our community through powerful musical experiences.

Our Values

Excellence – We strive for excellence in all we do. We apply excellence in the artistry of our ensembles, the professionalism of our business practices, and the integrity of our individual actions. We endeavor to never be satisfied with the status quo; to continually innovate, adapt, and review our organization and ourselves to strive for excellence.

Engagement – We strive to engage everyone within our community at the highest level. We engage ourselves by putting forth our best effort as we participate in UPO activities. We engage others by inviting them to collaborate in events and programs. We engage our audience by communicating with them verbally or through the written word in various forms of media, and through the expression of musical passion.

Harmony – We strive to create harmony in our community by working to build consensus, reaching out to collaborate, and by seeking to understand and assist others through the expression of music. We strive to learn from others and to give them an opportunity to learn from us, that all may be uplifted.